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Wedding Invitation Etiquette » On Tradition/Beliefs

On Tradition/Beliefs:

Some couples follow certain rules to avoid bad luck or attract good luck. It’s best that you ask your family or people of the same nationality or culture and make it clear with your supplier. There might be some symbols, icons or colors that might be necessary or prohibited based on your family traditions or cultural beliefs.

For example, for the Chinese people,the color red plays a vital role in their wedding festivities. It is considered as a bold and lucky color, which also signifies love, prosperity and happiness. On the other hand, the color white is, as much as possible, avoided. Additionally, for Chinese invitations, it is important that the symbol for double happiness is included.

Another example is for Hindu or Indian weddings. It is known that Indian weddings involve many rituals and activities in celebration of the new family life the couple is about to enter. Make sure that you know about these rituals and activities so as for you to be able to include them in your wedding invitation package.

Remember to communicate to your stationer the do’s and don’ts you follow based on your family traditions or cultural and religious beliefs.