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On Style and Components

The overall type of the wedding stationery you selected will indicate the style and formality of your wedding. From the first engagement notice to the final thank you cards, the design, paper type, color and fonts of all your stationeries will on the whole make a statement about your taste and sophistication, and generally about who you are as a couple.

It is quite easy to choose a style since tradition dictates guidelines on what stationery is appropriate for every style of wedding. Traditional wedding invitation styles were either white or ivory paper with black ink and always engraved! Today, many brides still want the elegant and formal look of classic wedding invitations, but for others that want something different, the choices are endless. It depends on the details, most of the time. But whichever style of invitation you choose should allow you to be creative while being consistent with the tone and formality of your wedding theme.

For specific items to include, determine the information that would be most useful to your guests given the details of your particular event and make that your focus. Combine pieces where possible to help accommodate your budget. There are a lot of options to consider so consult your invitations expert about how to mix up the needed information in the cards. For instance, response and reception cards may be taken out if there’s still space on the main invite.

The key is to get creative based on what information you would need to communicate to your guests. Don’t hesitate to include something totally unique or nontraditional if you think it might be helpful for them.