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Wedding Invitation Etiquette » On Sending Thank You Cards

On Sending Thank You Cards

Nowadays, sending thank you cards is becoming a neglected practice. Couples often think that their guests and gift-givers already know you are thankful. However, a thank you card indicates graciousness and courtesy on your part and at the same time a gesture traditionally expected of you. Thank you cards are sent not to thank your guests for attending your event, but to express gratitude for the gift/s you have received from them. Do not be apprehensive in making an effort to thank them one by one.

If you were not able to order your thank you cards together with your invitations, consider matching the paper, design and formality of your wedding invitations. Use fine paper and one to two colors for formal styles. Less formal styles, on the other hand, allow for more colors, design and variety.

Quick tips:

  • Send a thank you note even if you have thanked the giver in person. Thank you cards are given not for their presence in your wedding but for the gift given.
  • Remember to mention the gift given and what you plan to do with it. For example: “Thank you for the matching towel set that you gave! They will surely go well in our bathroom.”
  • Send the cards not later than three months after the wedding.
  • The cards should be signed by the both of you.
  • Allot one thank-you card for every single person most special to you; one for every couple (married or not); one for every family; and one for every group of people like office co-workers.