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Wedding Invitation Etiquette » On Receiving Replies

On Receiving Replies

Many Filipinos disregard the request for RSVP, and this can cause a muddle in your guest list. We suggest you personally call up all unconfirmed guests at least three weeks before your wedding. If a definite number is still not given, then play it safe and count them as having accepted.

Still, with or without response or RSVP cards, you should receive replies to your invitations within a week. Mark your guest list file with acceptance and refusals as you receive replies to your invitations. This will give you a more definite idea of your confirmed number of guests. You can then send out invitations should a number of guests be unable to attend. Please make sure though that you do not send out invitations too close to your wedding day so as not to give the impression that they are a mere after-thought.