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Wedding Invitation Etiquette » On Ordering

On Ordering


Keep in mind that though invitations normally take only four weeks to produce, you must follow a certain schedule when ordering your wedding stationeries. Assign and follow a deadline for every activity that you do so as not to be behind the schedule.

The timeline for the production of wedding invitations is a crucial aspect of the whole wedding planning process. It can be quite complicated since it depends on a lot of things such as the efficiency of your invitations provider, the quantity of your order, the intricacy of the design, and oftentimes, the number of components included.

Wedding invitations are commonly sent at least one month before the wedding. This means that your invitations have to be ready at least two months before the big day. However, we recommend you start approaching your invitations provider six months before the event to give you enough time for choosing, deciding and finalizing on the details of your wedding invitations.

The general rule of thumb in the customization, ordering and mailing of wedding invitations is that every step must be as much in advance as possible. Be sure that you schedule it well!


Before you decide on the number of invitations you’ll order, keep in mind that as your wedding day gets closer, your guest count tends to increase. The rule of thumb in ordering invites is you allot 50 percent of your total invitees plus make an allowance of 20 percent for any last minute additions to your guest list, for replacements for lost or damaged invitations and for souvenirs for yourselves and your parents. So for example, you are inviting 200 guests, you will need 100 invites plus 20 for extras or a total of 120 sets.

For allocations, make sure that you allot:

  • one for each couple (married or not)
  • one for each family
  • one for each single adult
  • one for your officiant
  • a few extras to be used for your photo and video
  • a few extras for courtesy invitations (i.e. those that will be sent abroad even if you know they’re not coming)
  • a few extras for your personal souvenirs

To save you time, request that the envelopes be delivered early so you can address them while the invitations are being printed or you may choose to avail of your stationer’s envelope printing services.