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Wedding Invitation Etiquette » On Missalettes

On Missalettes

Most couples include missalettes or ceremony programmes in their wedding stationeries to be used during the ceremony. These are often booklet-types containing the standard wordings used during a wedding mass or service, for which your guests can read, follow and participate in the ceremony.

It usually contains the following:

  • names of the entourage
  • list of offertory participants
  • list of commentator and other readers
  • main parts of the service or ceremony such as offertory, communion, etc.
  • wedding vows
  • pictorial sequence

The number of missalettes to be made or ordered should at least be half of the total number of guests invited. Remember that as in all your wedding stationeries, the missalettes should also be in line with the style and formality of your wedding. It all goes for the paper, fonts, colors and even the design patterns used.