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Wedding Invitation Etiquette » On Envelope Addressing/Calligraphy

On Envelope Addressing/Calligraphy

Addressing of invitations is always done by hand using only black ink, a method known as calligraphy. If in any case you are not able to address your invitations by a calligrapher, another option most commonly used is printing the names using a desktop printer. Consult with your stationer if they offer such services. Just keep in mind to never use sticker labels on your wedding invitations. This is the fastest way to diminish the elegance of your invites.

In cases where double envelopes* are used, the complete names and addresses are written/printed on the outer envelope. On the inner envelope, the names of the person(s) being invited, as well as any children’s names are included. Any additional names should be written after the name of the principal person being invited. Nicknames may be used here but no address is written on the inner envelope.

*On double envelopes:

The use of double envelopes has become a tradition since an outer envelope was needed to preserve the perfectly clean and pristine state of the invitations that could potentially be damaged or stained during travel or delivery. Nowadays, double envelopes are no longer a must but are still used to alert the guest on how formal the wedding will be. Nonetheless, the majority are doing away with an outer envelope in observance of a widespread environmental consciousness and advocacy. The less paper used, the more environmentally friendly it is.