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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding invitations play an important role in giving your guests a glimpse of what your event is going to be like. They must embody the tone and theme of your wedding day, provide essential information, and honor your guests as important persons you want to share your most memorable day with. Your style, personality and penchants all play a part in the design of your invitation. But one other important factor also determines how your invite will be received: how you beautifully conform to—or daringly fly in the face of—wedding convention and etiquette.

You may wonder, “What are the rules you should take into consideration in the crafting of a wedding invitation?”

The sheer number of rules and interpretations of wedding invitation etiquette can be quite confusing and overwhelming. And what’s more, rules change over time. What may not have been acceptable during your mom’s time may already be acceptable today. What may be acceptable to one culture may not be to another. To lessen the stress of your big day, we’ve done the research for you and outlined the most established and most practical wedding invitation etiquette. Nevertheless, remember not to get too caught up with what society dictates is right or wrong. Let your instincts and imagination lead the way.