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Invitation 101 » Paper Types


The paper for your invitations and other wedding stationery must be chosen very carefully. Factors to consider are color, thickness and texture of the paper. Be sure to consult your invitations supplier for your paper options. These are a few guidelines to help you.

Thinner paper stock will make your invite more affordable. You can opt to use the thicker stock for your main invite and then use thinner stock for the succeeding cards.



The color of paper often depends on the theme and formality of the event.

While white and ecru stock are the most common options make sure that whatever you choose is appropriate for the overall feel of your event.


You wouldn’t want to send out a sleek black invitation for a barefoot wedding ceremony by the beach or an orange and green card with quirky fonts for a black-tie affair. *Paper color will affect how ink appears when it dries. Slight discrepancies may occur.



Thickness and Weight

It’s a common notion that the thicker the paper stock is, the more luxurious the invitation becomes. Paper thickness is measured in gsm or lbs.

You’ll want thicker, heavier and sturdier paper for letterpress invitations to take full advantage of the effect or you can go with simple smooth paper for an uncomplicated invite in flat printing.



The texture or finish of the paper you choose will make your invitation cards a little bit more interesting. Glaring textures, like that of wood or metal often serve to accent the overall design. Coarsely textured stock signfies premium pulp.





Still, consult with your invitations printer if your selected texture of paper is appropriate or acceptable for your wedding theme and print process There may be embellishments or techniques you may want to use to complement your desired texture.