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Invitation 101 » Invitation Components


Just what components are expected to be included in your wedding invitation sets? Keep in mind that your objective is to provide your guests all the info they need. This may vary depending on culture, religion or destination. For now, here are a few of the most basic components of a wedding invitation set.

Main Invite

The most essential element of your invitation. It should have all the details your guests need to attend your event: date, time and location of the ceremony.

Reception Card

Dedicated to showing the date, time and place of the reception–especially if you’re hosting multiple parties at different dates and venues.

Entourage Card

A list of the wedding party. Typically used in Filipino weddings because of the respect Filipino couples wish to extend to their family, friends and sponsors.

Reply Card

aka RSVP (répondez s’il vous plaît) card, is a personalized and pre-addressed card , with its own envelope used to confirm guests’ attendance and at times their entrée preference.

Direction/Map Card

Makes sure none of your guests get lost on the way to your event. Necessary if you’re having a destination wedding or if your guests are unfamiliar with the location.

Translation Invite

A direct translation if an English invite into another language. The style and design of this card may or may not follow that of the main invitation.

OTHER COMPONENTS: Bridal Registry, Seat Card, Escort Card, Envelopes: Inner/Outer, RSVP Envelope, Lining, At-Home Card Pew Card, Travel/Accommodations card.