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Invitation 101 » Envelopes

What your invitation arrives to your guests in is as important as what’s inside


Standard Envelope

This envelope comes with a straight flap with rounded edges.

Saving Tip
Designed for economical use of paper, this type comes out more affordable



Pointed Envelope

For a classic and extra formal feel reminiscent of the old-world, pointed envelopes are the way to go





Envelope Lining

Optional add-on that accentuates your invitation by placing either a solid or printed lining on the envelope. It adds a sense of luxury to the invitation set.




Colored Envelope

Make full use of your chosen color scheme by letting it overflow to your envelope.





Outer Envelope

Used when mailing out your invite. It adds a layer of protection so your guests recieve your invitation in pristine condition.





* In addressing your envelopes, etiquette dictates never to use stickers. Inquire with your printer if they do envelope printing or offer calligraphy services.