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A Full Classic Wedding Invitation Suite

Romulo-Soledad Wedding (1/22/12)

Pasig City Representative Roman Romulo and Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad tied the knot at the St. Benedict Church, Ayala Westgrove in Laguna on the 22nd of January 2012 and Printsonalities was honored to be part of their wedding.

From the beginning, they were clear about what they wanted—a classic wedding invitation. Time and again they were asked what they wanted their special day to be like, the answer was always: simple. Learning this we were absolutely thrilled about what we could do for the couple. We made it a point that their wedding trousseau will beam with Printsonalities’ signature understated elegance.

The couple was very hands-on in the entire process of creating their invites. “Shalani drew inspiration from the design of my very own wedding invite that I showed her during one of our meetings.  The accent of the invitation was the crest we designed for them. They wanted their crest to be a “seal” of their love and commitment to each other. After a series of sketches we were able to come up with something they were both happy with” shares Noky Gatmaitan, Client Service Director for Printsonalities

As our meetings progressed, more elements were added. This led us to one of the best classic wedding invitations sets we’ve done to date.

The final wedding stationery set produced included:
• A bi-fold main invitation layered with a metallic cream paper in letterpress
• A Bridal Entourage Card
• A Map (a must, because they had an out-of-town wedding)
• An RSVP card
• Missalettes
• Wedding Favor Cards
• Pre-wedding Celebration Invitation
• Thank-you cards
• Menu Cards
• Table Names
• IDs for their wedding suppliers
• Car Passes for the family members

Today, there are endless design possibilities as couples become more and more adventurous; it was definitely refreshing to do a project that goes back to what Printsonalities is known for. To execute something so traditional and simple that small details can make or break the design.

Trends come and go but classic invitation sets reminiscent of the romance of royal weddings will always be loved and sought after.

A Love Written in Ink, Paperclips and Souvenir Tickets

Escueta-Magdangal Wedding (11/21/11)

Even before our first meeting with Filipino celebrity couple Mark Escueta and Jolina Magdangal, their wedding planner Chinkie Uy Agregado already told us about the couple’s concept for their wedding invitation — a scrapbook that will paint their story in pages of photos, souvenirs and mementos of the love and friendship they have shared together.

This was a collaborative project we did with our sister company, Written in Ink (Wink). The scrapbook concept perfectly embodied the vibrant and animated personality of Jolina who is known for her youthful charm and penchant for arts and crafts. Add to that the creative music artistry of Mark, making the Filipino texts witty, poetic and playful all at the same time. They both had their contributions in the whole concept, from the design up to the final packaging. Jolina and Mark actually hand-crafted the “love wires” themselves.

The cheery and colorful scrapbook wedding invitation was made possible with Wink’s high quality digital printing and their fresh design sense. It featured 28-pages of more than a hundred photos of the couple, reproduced souvenir tickets and boarding passes, paper clips shaped into their initials, thin wires forming the word “love” and another one to form a cute hanger for the fabric samples, paper dolls for the dress code, and many more embellishments. The real challenge for Printsonalities was to put it all together, creating a unified scrapbook wedding invitation worthy of the beautiful love story it unfolds.

It was a breeze working with the couple because they already had a clear picture of how they wanted their wedding invitation to be like, and they effectively communicated it all to us.

For more on Mark & Jolina’s scrapbook wedding invitation, visit


Delightful Destination Wedding

Cecala-Maxwell Wedding (8/22/2011)

We were referred to Joey and Alex by their good friend and our former bride, Danella Yuhico-Yaptinchay. Though I never actually met with the couple, the design and approval process went pretty smoothly; I personally coordinated with Doris Magsaysay-Ho, the mom of Alex, instead. Since it was a destination wedding (Goudge Island, British Columbia, Canada, to be exact), our challenge was to include all the necessary information without cluttering up the invite.

Joey & Alex Letterpress Wedding Invitation

We designed an invite set with a folded card, featuring the map of the venue on the cover. Since Alex is a designer, she created the beautiful map and heart icon herself. Upon opening the card, guests would find the schedule of events of “Joey & Alex’s wedding weekend,” written in the fun, casual font Alex chose. Tucked into the pouch was the main invite and RSVP set. To add a formal touch to this charming, inventive invite, we used thick white paper and letterpress printing for the text.

Though Alex was abroad all this time and was initially apprehensive about the whole wedding preparation and timing, she was pretty happy with the result. “It turned out that I didn’t have to worry at all! [Printsonalities was] great at interpreting what I wanted and coming up with exactly what I imagined. Working with Printsonalities was a wonderful experience overall and I am so happy with the way my invitations turned out.”

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Dazzling Details

Gamez-Cuellar Wedding (4/1/2011)

Word-of-mouth recommendations are really the best kind. After collaborating with another happy client for her wedding invites, we were recommended to her good friend Mimi, a New Jersey-based events planner. After making Mimi’s acquaintance over email, we got started on her own wedding printed materials.

Mimi and Rafael Luxe Wedding Invitation

Mimi and Rafael’s save-the-date invites featured their wedding color theme of fuchsia and royal blue. With a modern design and traditional letterpress printing, it turned out beautifully. For their wedding invites, Mimi decided on a luxe all-fabric box with an embroidered custom monogram which we designed. Since Rafael and Mimi planned to hold several events aside from the wedding itself, we suggested a box with a pocket, which would have all the necessary information cards/event invites tucked in: direction card, information card, welcome dinner, day-after-the-wedding, and RSVP set. The main invite itself featured brown thermograved lettering printed on lovely ecru paper with fuchsia and royal blue borders. Aside from the invite set, we also created all their other printed needs, such as thank you cards, table numbers, menu cards, and even the tarpaulin backdrop for their wedding reception.

Mimi says, “’Wow’ is the best way for me to describe Printsonalities. The first time we saw our invitations, we couldn’t stop staring at them, they were beautiful. I still hear comments to this very day that our invitations were truly one-of-a-kind. You incorporated a style of elegance with creativity, and were still able to help us stay in our budget.” A happy customer is the best advertisement, and Mimi has since recommended us to many of her clients and friends!

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Love Takes Flight

Bailon-Mitra Wedding (6/15/2011)

Being involved in the wedding industry, it was but expected that Baicapture owners John and Jackie Bailon would have a spectacular invite for their own special day.

See their Letterpress Wedding Invitation our gallery
“…clean and modern, but with a little quirky edge that… would still feel modern even after a few years.” – J&J 

Even before their engagement, I would show the couple samples of every lovely letterpress invite Printsonalities would make. Jackie herself is very talented and creative, so when the wedding preparations were underway, she already had a clear vision of the look and feel she and John wanted, and Printsonalities simply had to execute their design. To achieve the clean and modern look, the Helvetica Neue typeface was used for the entire text. Playing around with different weights and sizes, it came out beautifully letterpressed on thick white paper stock.

For a quirky, romantic touch, the couple chose two bird illustrations of different breeds, which signified two unique beings coming together as one. Printsonalities designed the couple’s logo, which they decided to incorporate in all the wedding printed material. From the fonts to the wording to the contemporary design, John and Jackie’s stunning letterpress invite conveyed their stylish modern tastes.

Jackie shares, “Printsonalities beautifully executed our dream invitation. Esmie and the artists behind our invite patiently went through the details with us, as we were very particular about the font size, font type, color and spacing. What we were able to give our guests was a stunning letterpress invite that set the tone beautifully for our wedding day. For couples who value true quality, Printsonalities should be at the top of their list.”.

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A Prominent Silver Celebration

Revilla 25th Wedding Anniversary (5/28/2011)

Power couple Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. and Hon. Lani Mercado-Revilla, wanted an elegantly classic invite for their silver wedding anniversary. In keeping with the theme, we chose silver-gray lettering and silver lining, and used embossed borders and traditional letterpress printing for a formal touch.

Because of their prominence in the district of Cavite, an interesting challenge was incorporating the provincial seal without making the invite look like an official government document. We combined the Cavite sun logo with the number 25, giving the invite a distinguished yet non-corporate feel. It even tied in beautifully with the evening’s celestial décor. For a unified look, we also created matching missalettes, menus, table numbers and souvenir tags for their celebration.

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A Historic Occasion

Philippine Presidential Inauguration 2010 (6/30/2010)

Perhaps the greatest honor bestowed on Printsonalities thus far was to be chosen to create the invitations for the Presidential Inauguration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Vice President Jejomar Binay. As Chiw says, “It’s not everyday you are given an opportunity to make invitations of international significance that will be received by foreign dignitaries and heads of state all over the world.”

Philippine Presidential Inauguraton Invitation

More than just the prestige, we were thrilled at being a part of the historic inauguration of a president we believed in. For this auspicious occasion, we designed an elegantly classic thermograved invite with embossed borders, featuring a gold-foil embossed seal of the Republic of the Philippines. Apart from the official inauguration, we also designed the invite for the celebratory party at the Malacañang Palace afterward.

The Country’s Best-Kept Wedding Secret

Agoncillo-Santos Wedding (4/28/2009)

When well-loved Filipino celebrities Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo announced their engagement, the media went into a frenzy guessing the date of the big day. But because the couple wanted to keep the ceremony hush-hush, their invites had to be carefully planned (they were only distributed a record four days before the wedding, and Printsonalities was even in charge of stealthily delivering it to the privileged guests!).

Ryan Agoncillo & Judy Ann Santos Wedding Invitation

Working with Ryan’s idea of a beach wedding with a laid-back, non-traditional concept, their all-white main invite featured casual English and Tagalog phrases like “X marks the spot,” “eto na ‘to” (this is it), “inuman na” (let’s drink to this) and “punta kang nakaputi” (come in white).  Each mysterious invite came with a single right slipper inside a lovely native box, and the remaining right slipper was to be claimed at the reception area to serve as the guest’s unconventional “meal stub.” Save for their embossed initials, the invites didn’t even contain the names of the couple; guests guessed it was Judy Ann and Ryan since a few weeks before the wedding, the couple phoned each guest to ask for their shoe size.

The fun, secretive invite and never-done-before concept set the stage for a simple, lovely, and cozily private affair, the star couple’s dream wedding come true, a feat for celebrities of their stature. Though a few years have passed since their wedding, Ryan and Judy Ann’s refreshingly unique invite concept is still buzzed about by soon-to-weds to this day.

A Family Affair

After being introduced to the couple by wedding planner Rita Neri, we designed the wedding invitations of Sonny Angara (serving in the Philippine House of Representatives, as of this writing) and Tootsy Echauz when they tied the knot in 2004, and they’ve been our clients ever since.

For their wedding invite, the couple chose a classic embossed border printed on thick ecru paper. In keeping with classic invite tradition, they selected black thermograved fonts, and an elegant champagne color for their envelope lining.

I love how coordinating closely with our clients makes us feel like part of their family, especially when we help create invites and printed materials to mark the milestones in their lives. Since their wedding, we’ve been making a lot of stationery and social invites for Tootsy and Sonny. We particularly loved creating the baptismal invites of each of their three children Manolo, Ines and Javier, which featured precious baby photos in black and white.

Secret Garden

Barrera-Anniversario Wedding (6/19/2010)

US-based couple Becky and Errol were looking for a supplier who could fully customize their wedding invite, and heard about us from a common friend. The design challenge centered upon the intricate monogram they supplied us, which they wanted to highlight on the invite.

Working with their delightful color combination of royal blue, seafoam green and gold, we suggested a delicate die-cut pattern with gold stamped lining, which showed the monogram peeking through one of the cut-out leaves. The seafoam green cover opened up to reveal the gorgeous main invite accented with a gold stamped floral design. This floral pattern was repeated in royal blue in the envelope lining.

Glamorously romantic, Becky and Errol’s invite turned out to be as unique as the couple themselves.

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Elegantly Filipino

Roxas-Sanchez Wedding (10/27/2009)

When vice-presidentiable and most eligible bachelor Senator Mar Roxas and noted broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez finally pinned down a date for their much-anticipated wedding, they sent out Printsonalities invites. Since the wedding preparations fell within campaign season and during the time of the Typhoon Ondoy calamity, Mar and Korina expressed that they wanted the invites to be very simple, classic and inexpensive.

We suggested a thinner white 250 gsm paper stock with elegant single embossed borders. The couple also decided to do away with the entourage list, so each set would only include the main invite and a gate pass for security purposes.

We proudly pulled off an invite that was prudent and low-key yet still elegant. Elegant Tagalog text in a brown thermograved script font beautifully reflected the Filipiniana theme, an apt choice that reflected the Pinoy pride of these two passionate public servants.

All Things Bright And Beautiful

Munar-Arciaga Wedding (5/29/2011)

US-based events coordinator Coleen was searching for a reliable supplier from the Philippines for her own wedding, and found us on the web (Google is our friend!). We met via email and soon, we were in business. She and her groom-to-be Marco knew exactly what they wanted, making the layout process extremely easy even via long distance.

Marco & Coleen Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

Their biggest concern was for us to find a way to use their bright and fresh color scheme of yellow, tiffany blue and dove gray without making the invite look informal. We knew just the thing to evoke a stylishly chic wedding celebration on a bright summer day.

We designed a pocketfold invite in dove gray with yellow borders, using tiffany blue for emphasized text and their lovely monogram. As an accent, we also created a tiffany blue RSVP envelope. This refreshingly unique color scheme was repeated throughout their other wedding printed materials, such as the menu cards, table numbers, tented place cards, and their post-wedding reception invites.

When their package arrived in the mail, Coleen gushed, “We are absolutely in love with our invitations! The pictures you sent of the finished product do not even do the actual invites justice. You’ve made the entire transaction so easy and everything went smoothly—you truly shut down all my fears and worries of working with companies overseas. You truly are the best!”

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