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When should I mail out my wedding invitations?

Invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks before the wedding. You wouldn’t want your guests to forget your wedding date when you give your invites too early – it happens! If you’re having a destination wedding, we recommend mailing them 10-12 weeks before your wedding date so your guests can mark it on their calendars and make the necessary travel plans.


What are the prices of your invitations?

The prices of our invitations are highly dependent on the following factors:

  1. Quantity – the higher the quantity, the lower the price becomes (you can call it economies of scale, if you wish)
  2. Components: Inner & Outer Envelopes? With lining? Reception and other information cards? Maps? – All these additional components add up to the cost.
  3. Size – Bigger-sized Invitations are slightly more expensive than the smaller, more economically cut ones.
  4. Paper Type – Handmade papers are normally more expensive than regular paper because of the process involved in producing them.
  5. Printing Process – We offer thermography  and letterpress for now (see next question for a description of this printing process). The more components of the invitation package are thermographed or letterpressed, the more expensive your invitation gets. Some couples opt to keep the other components of their invitation flat printed to reduce cost.


Do you offer missalettes, menus and place cards to coordinate with my invitations?

Yes, we can design any piece you might need for your wedding that can complement or coordinate with the over-all look or theme of your wedding.


What kind of printing do you offer?

Most of our personalized paper products are printed using thermography, a process which provides a beautiful raised lettering effect that can come in practically any color of your choice. Envelope flaps, maps, and other inserts are usually flat printed. Foil stamping, blind or colored embossing are other print options for your monograms, icons or family crests that can be printed on you invitations or envelopes?


We do not recommend printing you invitations digitally. This is a cheaper, lower-quality printing method that we feel is not suited for something as important as wedding invitations.


Can I get envelopes sent out to me first?

Yes, envelopes can be prepared in advance. You may pick them up earlier to give you enough time for addressing for your outer envelopes. Should you want this arrangement, please advise us when you confirm your order.


Do you offer envelope printing or calligraphy?

Yes, we do addressing on envelopes thru digital printing. Though traditional wedding etiquette dictates that envelopes should be addressed by hand, we offer this service to couples who cannot afford a calligrapher they are comfortable working with. We will use a font that will complement your wedding invitation’s font style and color.


What colors and papers do you offer?

Aside from the traditional all-white invitation, we offer more than 50 papers in a range of stylish colors and a collection of coordinating inks for the printed portion of your invitations. You can even choose from a line of snazzy-colored envelopes.


What type of samples or proofs will you supply?

Following your design consultation, we will show you a black and white proof of your chosen design and wording. A proof is not a mock-up of your invitation, but it is an exact copy of the font and graphic layout that you will receive on your final order.


Do you charge for proofs?

No, absolutely.


On Design and Customization


How long does the design process take?

The length of the design process varies depending on the complexity of the design, materials necessary, or if we’re basing it on an already-existing design from our samples. We want you to end up with your dream product and we will work with you to achieve this. If you are clear with the design or theme of

your wedding invitation at the very beginning, the pre-planning time can be significantly reduced.


Do your invitations come with inner and outer envelopes?

Yes, our invitations may come with both inner and outer envelopes for most designs, with the exception of the tea-length invitations. The outer envelopes are available as an add-on option and are not part of our regular package.


Is an inner/outer envelope set required?

Inner/outer envelope sets are not required. However, they are very traditional, so if tradition is important to you, you will most likely want to order an inner/outer set. Outer envelopes are really necessary when you are planning to mail out your invites to keep the main envelope from getting dirty from the postage.


Inner/outer envelope sets are not available for our pocketfold-style invitations. This is because according to etiquette, the pocketfold is your inner envelope. Doing two envelopes in addition to a pocketfold would be redundant.


Is it possible to customize an invitation? What would be the additional cost?

Absolutely! Whether you’re looking for a particular design, font, color, paper, or ribbon, we can work with you to customize any invitation style. Most of our invitations and announcements are custom designed for each client. Our goal is to get the exact piece you have in mind and for you to be delighted with your invitations or announcements. There is usually no extra charge for substitutions.


Can I customize the wording on any item?


I would like my wedding to be a formal one. How do I let my guests know this?

The first impression your guests will have of your wedding will be from your invitations. While you want your invitation to show your personality, you also want to set the tone for the day. Selecting a more formal card in ecru or white paper, scripted fonts, and traditional wording can all hint at a more formal affair. You can also simply place the line “black tie” or “formal attire” along with the information about the reception.


I designed my own invitation. Can you print it for me?

On Ordering


How far in advance should I order my invitations?

We recommend at least four months in advance. However, it is best to place your order as soon as plans are finalized to avoid the seasonal rush such as those weddings scheduled from December to February.


What is the minimum quantity that I can order?

Minimum quantity is 50 but prices can be very costly at this small quantity. Since all of our invitations are fully customized, bulk of the cost is in the set-up and thus cost becomes cheaper when quantities increase. Prices are much cheaper at 100 pcs and more.


How many extra invitation and envelopes should I order?

We recommend you order at least 20% extra invitations. With custom printing, the bulk of the cost is in the set-up, so it is much more economical to order enough the first time around. If you have to go back and reprint, you may end up paying nearly double.


How do I know how many invitations should I order?

Experience has taught us that a safe formula for computing the invites you will need is usually one-half of your total invited guests plus an allowance of 20% that should cover for last minute names.


I don’t have much time. Do you do rush orders?

Yes, we can accommodate most rush orders depending on the quantity, the invitation style and our production load (the –ber months are usually our busiest time). Rush orders needed in less than two weeks will be subjected to a 20% rush charge.


Do you allow changing orders already filed?

Can my order still be cancelled?