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John & Jackie

“As John and I were planning for our wedding, we had a clear vision of the look and feel we wanted for that special day. We wanted something that was clean and modern, but with a little quirky edge that will set it apart. We wanted an invitation that was more classic than fancy, and would still feel modern even after a few years.

Zach, a talented artist from the Baich Group team, created an awesome logo for us that perfectly captured our style. We used that logo throughout the entire wedding— from the invitations to the missalette, to the traffic signs leading to the venue, and of course up to our Baicapture photos. We plan to keep using that logo in the future, for whatever use we may have for it—a gift from Printsonalities that we will have forever.

Going back to the invite, to add that quirky touch, we chose bird illustrations to complete the look. The two birds, which seemed to be of different breeds, did not even match. What was interesting to me was the way it conveyed the message that these are two unique beings but are coming together and are flying off to be one. Printsonalities beautifully executed our dream invitation. Esmie and the artists behind our invite patiently went through the details with us, as we are very particular with the font size, font type, color and spacing. What we were able to give our guests was a stunning letterpress invite that set the tone beautifully for our wedding day. For couples who value true quality, Printsonalities should be at the top of their list.

Thank you again Tita Chiw, Tito Alvin and Tita Noky for our beautiful invites! We really LOVE it. It really was executed beautifully. The feeling is different when it’s actually in your hands—tangible and beautiful.”

– John & Jackie

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