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Allan & Anne

“My husband and I are both based in Singapore and we have been civilly married since 2006. It was 2 years ago when we started the planning of our Church wedding which was decided to be held in Cebu City Philippines on October 16, 2010. Being based outside the Philippines initially gave us the dilemma on how to go about all the preparations but thanks to a good friend, who is in the Wedding planning business, she made everything possible and seamless.

One of the most interesting part of the preparation is coming up with the Wedding invitation design. Personally, we wanted it to be something unique and sweet. So we thought of a booklet type invite with one of our pre nuptial pictures to be the front cover. Finding the supplier was the challenging part, we were torn as to whether we get somebody from Cebu or from Manilaconsidering the logistics part. Then we came across Printsonalities from Mr. Google — our search engine :p Then we started sending our inquiries and they are very prompt in sending replies. From the very start they already made us feel comfortable transacting business with them. We expressed to them the idea & concept of what we wanted our invitation to be like and the rest were all taken good cared by them. The whole time all communications were just done through email exchanges and it was indeed very smooth and efficient. They captured everything that we envisioned it to be – unique and sweet. The final product never failed to amaze us and it was even more than what we expected. This is also affirmed by the number of complement we received from our family, friends and guests on how pretty and distinct our wedding invite is.

Wish you and the rest of the Printsonalities team more power!”


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