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The Country’s Best-Kept Wedding Secret

Agoncillo-Santos Wedding (4/28/2009)

When well-loved Filipino celebrities Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo announced their engagement, the media went into a frenzy guessing the date of the big day. But because the couple wanted to keep the ceremony hush-hush, their invites had to be carefully planned (they were only distributed a record four days before the wedding, and Printsonalities was even in charge of stealthily delivering it to the privileged guests!).

Ryan Agoncillo & Judy Ann Santos Wedding Invitation

Working with Ryan’s idea of a beach wedding with a laid-back, non-traditional concept, their all-white main invite featured casual English and Tagalog phrases like “X marks the spot,” “eto na ‘to” (this is it), “inuman na” (let’s drink to this) and “punta kang nakaputi” (come in white).  Each mysterious invite came with a single right slipper inside a lovely native box, and the remaining right slipper was to be claimed at the reception area to serve as the guest’s unconventional “meal stub.” Save for their embossed initials, the invites didn’t even contain the names of the couple; guests guessed it was Judy Ann and Ryan since a few weeks before the wedding, the couple phoned each guest to ask for their shoe size.

The fun, secretive invite and never-done-before concept set the stage for a simple, lovely, and cozily private affair, the star couple’s dream wedding come true, a feat for celebrities of their stature. Though a few years have passed since their wedding, Ryan and Judy Ann’s refreshingly unique invite concept is still buzzed about by soon-to-weds to this day.

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