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Chief Operating Officer and Captain Cool

Alvin provides sound business sense, technical expertise, and the cool, decisive voice of reason in our highly-charged, creative environment. An avid traveler, sports fanatic and gadget geek, his fascination for tinkering with toys extends to discovering computer innovations, digital equipment and techniques to improve print processes. But above all, Alvin loves the romance of traditional mechanical letterpress machines, and has been enamored of the printing process since his dad introduced him to silkscreen printing at the age of 10. He’s Printsonalities’ go-to guy when production challenges arise, and steers the production team in achieving the desired designs and maintaining consistently high quality. His motto? “In Printsonalities, we say, ‘no design is impossible to do.”

Chief Executive Officer and Visionnaire

As the company’s resident dreamer, Chiw sets the vision for Printsonalites and motivates their dynamic, highly talented, and passionate team. A stationery freak with business smarts, Chiw analyzes market trends and business performance while being surrounded by beautiful paper. This devoted mom of two is also the company’s warm and charismatic leader who inspires a fun, friendly, and family-like environment and ensures that the company lives by their core values. Chiw also fosters a culture that encourages continuous learning and improvement among employees from all ranks. Says Chiw, “Status quo is a taboo word in the company and I make it a point that everybody challenges the way things are done here.”

Co-owner and Client Service Director

In the wedding industry, Noky’s name is synonymous with Printsonalities’ impeccable service. Clients love her free-spirited nature and positive vibe, and are all praises for her professionalism. Trust Noky never to say no to a client or a concept unheard of, at least, not without trying. Passionate about their product and services, Noky loves doing research, suggesting designs, and meeting people. She brings a personal touch to all her projects, and trains her team of account executives to extend the same brand of service. Aside from being Prinsonalities’ wedding etiquette guru, Noky shines brightest when it comes to design, and with her eye for detail, she directs the creative team in coming up with the tastefully beautiful invites Printsonalities is famous for.


Favorite celebrity projects

Both the Judy Ann–Ryan celebrity wedding and the Presidential Inauguration were very memorable, since they presented very unique challenges to our young and dynamic team. Aside from being very highly confidential in nature, the concept for the Judy Ann–Ryan wedding was really original, and we got a chance to be involved in the concept and presentation of their invite, down to the delivery logistics! To ensure the details of the wedding wouldn’t leak out to the public and the press, the invites were distributed a mere four days before the actual wedding date, and our company was entrusted the task of delivering these invites to each guest. We can say with pride that we handled this top secret project superbly.

The Presidential Inauguration for President Noynoy Aquino was another major challenge. It’s not everyday you are given an opportunity to make invitations of international significance that will be received by foreign dignitaries and heads of state all over the world. It was extra memorable and rewarding for the team, as the invitations were made for a president we believed in.

Dream wedding client?
The wedding of President Noynoy Aquino! We can assume that his wedding, should it happen within his term, will be one for the books and will be talked about not just locally but internationally as well. How often do you find a bachelor president who gets married during his term of office? Can you just imagine our invite being featured in Time Magazine and other international publications?

Why We Love Manila

Manila is home to some of the finest wedding celebrations in the world! Being at the center of this dynamic industry constantly excites us and challenges us to perfect our craft. As a progressive printing studio, Printsonalities is able to showcase the best of traditional Eastern and modern Western wedding sensibilities. Fueled by modern, innovative ideas and a deep understanding and appreciation of the intricacies of wedding tradition, we’re able to execute beautiful, meaningful invites for this momentous occasion.

Being Manila-based allows us to tap into the boundless Filipino creativity, as well as the trademark friendly and accommodating service, which the Philippines is known for the world over. We deliver service with a smile, and this is crucial for a business with a highly-customized nature like ours. After all, our number one core value at work is to make our customers happy.