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About Us » A Love for Paper

Our story begins with one of our co-founders, Alvin Bailon, who practically grew up in his family print shop. His dad had a knack for the innovative use of materials in designs that were hard to counterfeit. His father’s company, GJB Enterprises had become the preferred supplier for some of the country’s security printing needs, the motor vehicle license plates and annual registration stickers being the most popular. A born entrepreneur and print geek, Alvin simply knew he would follow in his dad’s footsteps someday.

As fate would have it, his college sweetheart Chiw Dungo fostered a love for stationery and paper products, and it wasn’t long before Alvin decided to branch off into the more romantic side of printing. In 1998, Printsonalities was born, specializing in personalized stationery, social invites, stickers, luggage tags and labels.

Sharing Chiw’s love for stationery, her sister Noky Dungo Gatmaitan joined the company three years later, bringing fresh and bright ideas into Printsonalities, and making it one of today’s preferred printers of young and sophisticated brides and grooms. Interestingly enough, Printsonalities’ very first “official” wedding invite was for Alvin and Chiw’s big day in 2001. “It was perfect timing that our first thermography machine arrived one month before our wedding, so it was really memorable having to test our machine—our first big investment for Printsonalities!—to create our very own invite,” shares Chiw.

Their beautifully-printed, modern-contemporary invite drew raves from their guests, affirming their decision to focus on wedding invitations as their core business. With Alvin and Chiw providing the business backbone, Noky at the helm of client servicing, and the support of a dynamic, creative team, Printsonalities has built a solid reputation for elegant wedding invitations and unparalleled service.